Some patient stories


M.M. – Neck Pain

M.M. was one of our early patients, a man in his late 50’s. M.M. had been experiencing neck problems for the previous 7 months. The pain prevented him from sleeping in a bed and he slept in an armchair every night. He had been prescribed anti inflammatories and pain medication, but they did not help much. Before he came to us, he had x-rays and MRI scans, and seen several specialists without any significant relief. Physiotherapy had shown some temporary relief. After his initial treatment at Pain Clinic Ireland he experienced immediate relief and he was able to sleep in a bed for the first time in months. M.M. came back to us for a follow on treatment after a month, again after six months and for a final treatment after a year.

C.B. – Leg Pain

C.B. is a farmer in his 70’s. He had severe pain in his thigh for the last 6 month. He had to be brought to hospital in a wheelchair, where he was kept in for over a week and was discharged without any improvement. He was heavily medicated, and the pain had a dramatic effect on his lifestyle. After his first treatment at Pain Clinic Ireland he immediately experienced significant relief. Four treatments were performed at weekly intervals, after which his problem was resolved.

B.R. – Arm Pain

B.R. is one of our more recent patients, a metal fabricator in his 30’s. He was injured 5 years ago and experienced severe pain in both arms when lifting even something as light as a dinner plate. As he was no longer able to use power tools, the injury had cost him his job. His initial 20 minute treatment showed immediate results, and he came back to us the next day extremely pleased about the improvements. Follow on treatment will be provided over the next few months.

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